We believe at TheZoo.London that experience is the precious essence of our business and community. We bring together companies who are looking for valuable, specialist expertise and experience with senior consultants, to work on projects where they can make an impact and thus feel truly valued. This combination delivers the very best partnerships.

Too often consultants work alone and without support. TheZoo.London is a business network designed to bring all of that expertise together in a community where peer connections provide support and community.

That sounds good right? We believe in loving your work. As Confucius said, “if you love what you do, then you will never have to work another day in your life”. That’s our goal, to create opportunities for our consultant collective to work with amazing organisations and love every day they go to work!

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Animal Psychology Test

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A diverse and varied group of people and talents

About TheZoo.London

We are the Consultant Collective.

The Industry’s first Consultant Collective with a mission to support and connect experienced professionals in the media, marketing and advertising space with dynamic businesses in flexible and mutually beneficial ways. Our mission is to connect these experts with companies who need senior support and fresh thinking to solve an array of interesting challenges, just not on a full-time cost basis. It’s win-win.

We support independent consultants by building a thriving community who bring their unique strengths and fresh perspectives to help each other, and their clients, grapple with the biggest challenges. Through TheZoo.London, businesses can access in just one brief and marketplace all manner of experts from saving the planet, to harnessing AI, whilst simultaneously helping businesses to manage all kinds of operating and organisational challenges.

Our values are to Be Smart, Be Kind and Have Integrity, and this is what you will feel in every interaction you have with TheZoo.London.

Co-founded by Marco Bertozzi, an expert in the digital and programmatic agency space and ex sales leader at Spotify and Whalar, and Rachel Forde, who was previously CEO at IPG media agency UM London and Publicis’ Spark Foundry, TheZoo.london brings together two industry veterans with over 50 years’ combined leadership experience and a vision to reimagine the way businesses and professionals connect.

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Celebrating consultancy with TheZoo.london

A very common phrase one hears is ‘I am doing some consultancy for x’ it often comes with a slightly understated tone, maybe feels a little secret, without too much excitement or dare we say pride. Well TheZoo.London believes that we should be celebrating consultancy. We believe it is such an important resource for any company […]

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Mind the Gap: Bridging the Leadership Gap in Advertising and Marketing: Nurturing the Next Generation

In the fast-paced world of advertising and marketing, the landscape has witnessed a significant transformation over the past year. A phenomenon that has been subtly brewing beneath the surface but is now undeniably apparent is the “leadership gap.” This gap, characterised by a noticeable loss of senior talent and expertise, has impacted not only agencies […]

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The biggest benefit to consulting:The time to learn

After a few weeks of attending events and conferences, I am struck by the fact that I am now replacing company admin with learning more than ever about our industry. It is a reality for anyone working in the corporate world that so much time is sucked up in administration, unrelated to actually doing their […]

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Unleash your inner animal with our captivating

Animal Psychology Test

Comparisons between animals and humans has long been studied. Often, we consider how we differ from them, but sometimes it is important to see what we can learn from them. Animals can symbolise key traits and qualities, and knowing those can arm us best to find the best suited work, and environment, for us to thrive in.

Although at TheZoo.London we won’t pigeonhole you because of your animal traits, we thought it might be illuminating for you to understand more about which animal you are most akin to from a personality perspective.

Our test takes just a few minutes and from this day forward you will always be able to explain just which animal you are most like, and why. Please feel free to share as well so others can learn the same.

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We need to know, to make sure we put you in the right part of the Zoo!

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