Lydia Amoah


Lydia Amoah is the CEO of Backlight, a Cultural Change Agency, and the founder of the Black Pound Report. She is the first and only Black woman to lead the UK’s most comprehensive study into the Black, Asian and Multi Ethnic consumer spending power in the UK.

Recognised as Britain’s leading authority on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Lydia is an award-winning business coach and campaigner. Her expertise lies in supporting the progress of over 50,000 people by identifying and addressing their career blockers and helping them achieve their ambitions.

Recently appointed Head of Black at Cannes UK, Lydia focuses on developing partnership opportunities to support the inclusion of Black Creatives at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. She is also a DEI advisor, keynote speaker, and career and leadership coach.

Backlight, in collaboration with News UK, Channel 4, Ofcom, and Zappi Store, provides up-to-the-minute data insights and research to facilitate organisational cultural change. By leveraging real-time insights, Backlight empowers these organisations to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies. Additionally, Backlight offers bespoke training programs that empower employees to embrace and drive cultural change from within. This holistic approach not only fosters innovation but also enhances profitability.

Companies worked with Ofcom, P&G, BBC, ITV, NFL, Financial Times, The Telegraph, EY and the NHS

Key products and services
Architect of Accelerate

We are proud to offer Accelerate, a renowned multicultural leadership programme specifically designed to drive change in the creative sector. This programme actively works towards enhancing the representation of Black, Asian, and Multi-Ethnic leaders in the workplace, transforming the industry’s landscape.

Founder of the Black Pound Report

Our acclaimed Black Pound Report provides groundbreaking insights into the spending power and the lack of representation in advertising for Black, Asian, and Multi-Ethnic consumers. By shedding light on these crucial issues, we aim to create more inclusive and equitable marketing strategies.

STOPIT Protocol

As a hate crime and racism policymaker, we have developed the STOPIT protocol. This protocol is designed to protect employees from online hate and racist abuse. We are committed to creating safe and inclusive environments where individuals can thrive without fear of discrimination.

These are just a few examples of the services we offer. At Backlight Inc we are dedicated to driving positive change, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in various sectors.

Shereen Hoban

Shereen Hoban Coaching

Shereen Hoban is a leading executive, business and personal coach, specialising in supporting and inspiring people to reach their full potential.

She helps a wide variety of professional clients – from senior executives and leaders to small business owners and entrepreneurs to create the transformational change they need to overhaul their mindset, refine their objectives and build the focus and habits needed for long-term success.

Using a unique blend of coaching, mindfulness practice, and strategic insight drawn from her own business background, Shereen works intuitively and creatively to design a personal and professional toolkit for each client that will create the immediate and sustainable impact they are looking for.

Shereen’s clients come from a variety of industries but they all share a desire to invigorate their futures, elevate their careers, and become more effective in every aspect of their lives, all while having more time for themselves, their families, and their passions.

With her intuitive deep-work approach, Shereen is committed to delivering results using a business-minded person-focused methodology that proactively transforms her client’s success from a concept to a lifestyle.

Companies worked with Tiktok, Visa, Universal, Vice

Key products and services
Elevate Coaching Executive and Career Coaching Business Coaching

Sally Burtt-Jones

11 TwentyTwo Ltd

11 TwentyTwo Ltd is a business sustainability consultancy born out of the desire to uncouple growth from negative social and environmental impact. Founder, Sal Burtt-Jones spent 20yrs in media and tech, including long stints at the Guardian, and Japanese tech giants, Rakuten, before retraining with Cambridge University in sustainability leadership. A strategic thinker who has spent her career identifying, developing and delivering successful solutions across multiple channels, business types and geographies, Sal enjoys engaging all stakeholder groups to uncover opportunities that drive sustainable revenue and growth. She is especially passionate about business model innovation and utilising circular economy principles to drive change.

Companies worked with the Guardian, Rakuten, Cambridge University

Key products and services
B Corp Certification Consultancy & Support

Sal is a trained B Leader

Sustainability Strategy including Materiality Workshops Impact Reporting Carbon Footprinting


Creative Equals

Creative Equals is a global award-winning diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) consultancy who partner with ambitious companies to build a new ROI: return on inclusion. This ROI matters to our people, shapes better business and has an impact on all the communities we serve. DE&I is at the heart of every marketer’s Responsible Marketing Framework, tracking directly into ESG as well as the product and service development at the heart of business. We look at DE&I across the whole value chain from innovation to customer experience. At the same time, attract and retain diverse talent for better decision-making, increase profits and a more resilient business. The talent of today want an inclusive company with DE&I at its heart, driving social impact and aligning with their values. This is the new ROI.

Companies worked with McDonald’s, PepsiCo, AB In-Bev, Mars, Reckitt, PVH Group

Key products and services
Shape Inclusive cultures Drive a Responsible Marketing/ESG framework Create inclusive brands Operationalise DE&I throughout the marketing value chain Build strong risk management and mitigation Grow inclusive communities DE&I measurement and monitoring + supply chain measurement Events and Speaker programmes