A very common phrase one hears is ‘I am doing some consultancy for x’ it often comes with a slightly understated tone, maybe feels a little secret, without too much excitement or dare we say pride.

Well TheZoo.London believes that we should be celebrating consultancy. We believe it is such an important resource for any company to  engage consultants, on a fractional basis, as it can have a huge impact on a business. We call it smart. The industry celebrates so many things, but impactful consultancy is not really covered, so TheZoo.London intends to change that.

There are so many incredible talents in the consulting marketplace right now and they have all held positions of responsibility, celebrated as full time employees, trusted with large teams and budgets, feted by journalists and any business should be proud to manage to attract such talent on their business.

Pride in what you do, as we all know, is important, being happy in your skin and feeling good about talking about what you do is something that everyone has the right to, and sometimes I think too many lucky full time employees can be judgemental, please don’t be, TheZoo.London is packed with people who come with incredible energy, talent and will change your business.

So TheZoo.London is here to start to wave the flag for these amazing people and the smart companies that hire them, we will be celebrating wherever possible the smart partnerships between consultants and businesses, so please do look out for those. We will also be looking for other vehicles to continue raising the profile of consultants over the coming months and years.